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Nobis Rehabilitation Partners, LLC and Cross Hospitals, LLC Announce a New Inpatient Rehab Hospital in Albuquerque, NM

Updated: Jun 11


Cross Hospitals, LLC, a partnership between Kennor Cross Hospital Investors, LLC and Nobis Hospital Investments, LLC, plans to develop a new inpatient medical rehabilitation hospital in Albuquerque, NM. The inpatient rehabilitation hospital will have 40 modern private patient rooms, a rehab therapy gym with advanced technologies, and state-of-the-art equipment.

People with disabling illnesses and injuries such as brain injury, stroke, and other complex medical, neurological, and orthopedic diseases and injuries will be cared for under the management of Nobis Rehabilitation Partners. A team of medical rehab physicians, physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech language pathologists, rehab-trained nurses, and the hospital support team will develop the intensive physical and medical rehab program for each patient during their inpatient stay.

“Cross Hospitals is excited to serve Albuquerque and the nearby communities,” said Chester Crouch, Founder and CEO of Nobis Rehabilitation Partners. “This new rehab hospital will bring over 100 career opportunities to Albuquerque and the surrounding communities."

About Cross Hospitals, LLC

Cross Hospitals, LLC is a partnership between Kennor Cross Hospital Investors, LLC and Nobis Hospitals Investments, LLC that develops and manages new inpatient rehabilitation hospitals in select US markets.

About Kennor Holdings

Kennor Holdings, LP is a family of commercial real estate development companies with a portfolio of regional and national projects based in Dallas, TX. The Kennor team has more than 15 years of commercial real estate development experience and has structured syndication in excess of $2B.

As a leading developer for single-tenant commercial and multifamily properties over $1B in value, Cross Development executes using a client-focused approach, continually providing consistent, transparent, and exceptional services. Cross delivers outstanding real estate guidance for our clients, carrying projects from concept to solution flawlessly.

About Nobis Rehabilitation Partners

Nobis Rehabilitation Partners, owned by Nobis Hospital Investments, LLC brings together healthcare providers, developers, and investment partners to create, operate, and manage inpatient rehabilitation facilities. Patients will receive exceptional care from highly experienced and inspired caregivers in the most uniquely designed and efficient hospital. For more information, visit

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