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Nobis chooses WellSky® Interactant

Improving care delivery and operations

Nobis Rehabilitation Partners is pleased to announce its new partnership with WellSky. WellSky Interactant is a scalable and comprehensive healthcare information system (HIS) built for inpatient rehabilitation facilities (IRFs).

By applying 20+ years of IRF experience to Interactant, WellSky offers a complete IRF solution for the electronic medical record (EMR) and HIS needs at Nobis Rehabilitation Partners (NRP).

A comprehensive and flexible solution

Interactant is a comprehensive clinical and financial HIS that has been purposefully developed for IRFs and is very successful in the multi-site, investor-owned specialty hospital marketplace.

This new solution will help us improve clinical and financial functions and leverage valuable insights across our entire organization.

Through its implementation across facilities within our hospital system, Interactant will fulfill the complete HIS and electronic medical record (EMR) needs of NRP by providing centralized control of administrative tasks while allowing a level of autonomy and use to the individual facilities.

Scaling and consolidating our hospital operations for maximum efficiency

Core components of our new system will include:

· A built-in customer relationship management (CRM) to engage referral partners, capture information on admitting sources, and build facility census.

  • A comprehensive interdisciplinary EMR featuring order entry, notes, assessment, care planning, Inpatient Rehabilitation Facility – Patient Assessment Instrument (IRF-PAI),

  • A pharmacy information system.

  • Revenue cycle management

  • A general ledger

  • And administrative functions

Aligning with employees, patients, and investors with Interactant

Nobis Rehabilitation Partners will benefit from a high level of standardization across the organization with WellSky Interactant. This solution will allow Nobis to build on best practices across the platform from the moment each hospital opens, creating operational efficiency and reportable outcomes.

Our benefit is your benefit.

With the tools provided by the WellSky platform, Nobis Rehabilitation Partners will better serve our patients, families, and business partners for years to come. These benefits include: • Real-time reporting across all facilities allowing management can use data to build or adapt operational strategies. This level of real-time access will provide investors a more accurate view of operational data and the organization’s success.

· Inpatient rehabilitation specific workflows and documentation templates

• Multiple regulatory safeguards to ensure documentation includes all mandatory content and technical components

• Easy remote access for physicians and liaisons

• The ability to interface with ancillary providers such as laboratory, radiology, and transcription, thus improving productivity by reducing documentation scanning into the EMR

• One full-service integrated platform across the ADT, finance, and clinical teams.

As our new partner, WellSky will work to assess regulatory changes and update our solutions as needed, ensuring compliance and efficiency.

Learn more about WellSky solutions and the Nobis Partnership. Open the .PDF below.

Wellsky_Nobis Partnership
Download PDF • 178KB

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