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Advisory Board

Dr. Clohan has specialized in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PM&R) for the past 25 years treating patients for disabling illnesses and injuries and promoting quality care in the field.  Dr. Clohan served nearly ten years as the chief medical officer for over 120 inpatient rehabilitation hospitals across 30 states that provided care for patients with conditions like stroke, brain injury, and spinal cord injury.  In this role, she led clinical teams with oversight in clinical policy and research, including advocacy in legislative settings and professional organizations.


Earlier in Dr. Clohan’s career, she developed health policy expertise as a legislative assistant to the late Senator Lloyd Bentsen (D-TX).   Subsequently, she became a Director of Congressional Liaison for the American Medical Association, which included leading the team of lobbyists.


Dr. Clohan currently serves as a consultant for the largest organization providing quality-related analytic services in the rehabilitation sector.  Additionally, she is active in several professional rehabilitation organizations such as the American Academy of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and the American Medical Rehabilitation Providers Association, where she was awarded the National Leadership Award.  Previously Dr. Clohan served as the President at the Foundation for Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.  She has been sought after for many speaking engagements on rehabilitative medicine and is published in JAMA and other publications.  Dr. Clohan has been recognized three times in Modern Healthcare’s published list of “50 Most Powerful Physician Executives” in the US.


After earning a bachelor’s degree from the University of Colorado and a  Master of Science in Administration from George Washington University, She earned her MD from the George Washington University School of Medicine.  Dr. Clohan completed her residency in PM&R at the University of California, Irvine.


She is married to William Clohan, a US Air Force Academy graduate.  They live in Colorado Springs, where they enjoy hosting family and friends.

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